President's Message

Trimming The Fat

President's Message

Stu Bresnick
Stu Bresnick


I am happy to announce some organizational changes designed to trim the fat from our bloated management structure and provide a leaner and meaner organization.  This is in keeping with the national movement to reduce government and remove regulations and let free enterprise flourish unencumbered by those pesky rules and interfering Directors.

Effective immediately, I am reducing the number of Directors from 16 to 3, and increasing the voting power of the President.  The By-Laws are suspended indefinitely.

Henceforth the President will have 3 votes on all matters and the other two Board members will have one vote each.  This will ensure a much smoother and less contentious process for voting.  As usual, I will always keep the best interests of the membership foremost in my voting decisions.  You can trust me.  I am not a crook.

Regarding the reduction in the number of Directors:  Sixteen is a ridiculously high number for an organization like ours.  It leads to endless meetings  filled with worthless blather from almost all the Directors.  In addition, even large multibillion dollar corporations have far fewer Directors, so just on a ratio of Directors per dollar of budget, even 3 seems way too high.  So, who remains on the Board?  The President, obviously every group needs a President.  To show how conscientious I am, I have retained the Treasurer who will prudently manage our bloated cash reserves.  I have also retained the Recording Secretary so the published Board minutes will be available for all, providing full transparency for Board decisions.  Of course, as usual, secret meetings will not be recorded in the minutes.  

All of the deposed Directors have agreed with this decision and are happy not to have to attend those boring meetings.  As part of the negotiation, each ex-Director will continue for 5 more years in their current functional role and to ensure their cooperation DBC has taken out a lien on their houses.

In order to plan for a smooth transition and develop a strategic plan for the future, the remaining Directors will be attending a Board retreat in Fiji for 2 weeks, at club expense of course.

Power to the President!!  



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