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DBC inks deal with US Bicycling Hall of Fame

Contributors: Adam Bridge, Photo by Adam Bridge

DBC president Stu Bresnick and USBHOF President Anthony Costello signed an agreement formalizing the relationship between the 1,000 member-strong Davis Bike Club and the new-to-Davis Hall of Fame and museum.

DBC president Stu Bresnick and USBHoF president Anthony Costello sign agreement.
Davis Bike Club and US Bicycling Hall of Fame Create Formal Alliance. The Board of Directors has unanimously approved a cooperative alliance between DBC and the USBHOF. Signed on June 22, the agreement commits DBC to an annual financial donation to the Hall (an amount well within our budget) while offering significant benefits to our members. 

We will now have a permanent home to hold meetings and other events

The Hall will provide space for a DBC exhibit, where it can be seen by visitors to the bicycle museum 

Our club will have a place to display all those bits of DBC memorabilia that are sitting in various garages around Davis 

DBC members will get free admission to all HOF events.

The financial commitment by DBC is well within our budget. Here are the terms of the agreement:

The USBHOF will name the DBC the “Sponsoring Bike Club” of the USBHOF.

1. The Hall will provide ongoing space for the DBC to meet, including monthly meetings, annual meeting and events. The dates of DBC meetings will be arranged around Hall's calendar. The DBC may not use the building for fund raising purposes without the consent of the USBHOF.

2. Current members in good standing with the DBC will receive free admission to all USBHOF events in the Hall of Fame building. 

3. The Hall will provide a mutually agreeable location for a display or exhibit in the building to celebrate and publicize the DBC.

4. A DBC video, provided by the DBC, will be shown on the second floor as part of the video program.

The DBC will donate $2,500 per year to the USBHOF.

1. A 50% credit will be applied against the $2,500 annual donation for Club table purchases at the Fall Induction Banquet.

 2. The balance of the donation shall be paid quarterly or in a lump sum. This agreement will run from July 1 until June 30 and be renewed annually.

3. Both organizations will make efforts to link their respective public websites, Facebook pages or other social media pages and mutually promote events organized by either party.

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