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Roadwork Notes

Contributors: David Takemoto-Weerts, Russell Reagan, David Joshel

From the annals of the club list-serv come a few notes about roadwork.

David Takemoto-Weerts pointed to the announcement of changes on campus:


Russell Reagan added some bike-specific advice:

Old Davis Road will have a one-way traffic control at the south campus entrance, just north of I-80, next to the new vineyards and Mondavi Institute July 5 thru Sept. 13. To avoid this area, bicyclists should take the bike path between the I-80 interchange and the Arboretum. This path is along the west side of Old Davis Road just south of the interchange.

 The short segment of California Ave between the Arboretum bridge and Old Davis Road will be closed, so best to cross the Arboretum to LaRue Road from the bike path at the bridge west of California at Putah Creek Drive (a minor campus road, I didn't know it had this name although I have taken it many times), which joins LaRue between the Bargain Barn and the Cole Facility, just west of Bioletti.

 (And you still could take the bike path along the Arboretum and cross at the California Ave. bridge, but you just wouldn't completely avoid the construction traffic as you would doing it the former way.) 

This is a chance for some of you to become more familiar with alternate routes through the campus.

And then other construction near Vacaville was noted by David Joshel:

Gibson road is closed for reconstruction, don't plan any rides there. The detour is Cantelow to Steiger if you want to go south to Vacaville.


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