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Some information you might absolutely want to know...

JerseyHey there, Hi there, Mad Mary Marchness here with some information that you definitely want to know....or possibly not? If Not - Simply find that button that says DELETE and hit it.

First of all, I finally got out of that rabbit hole called "BuZy EVERYday" and realized that I was very late with a March Madness update, article for the newsletter and information for all on all things March it goes:


Date: June 5th

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Place: Bistro 33

Banquet Coordinator: Jill Bowlus, DBC club and race team member is managing all banquet coordination with input from the MM Chair. She is doing an excellent job and has planned for an amazing Dinner and Celebration with a March Madness theme


The jerseys are being made as we speak, the final proof is signed off and all jerseys will have a 3/4 zipper since Voler was unable to have a hidden zipper on a full zipper design which completely would have interrupted the artwork on the front of the jersey. 

Jerseys will be delivered to Ink Monkey upon completion and goal mileage numbers will be printed onto them. They will then be packaged up and picked up and delivered to Jeff and Nancy Hall for distribution at the March Madness Banquet. If you are NOT going to be present at the March Madness banquet, we will make sure you have an opportunity to pick up your jersey or it can be mailed to you if you are out of town. 

The March Madness jerseys were ordered based on the orders that were submitted online. There will not be any extra jerseys this year so if you didn't order a jersey and feel left out - see the next topic - March Madness T-Shirts.


This is the first year that all kids under the age of 18 were free to enter March Madness. I first want to apologize for the problems with the EventBrite registration since it demanded certain things from an entrant like an email address that was different for each one, it wouldn't allow for more than one person to be entered even through the quantity could indicate more than one. It was simply a mess and also I wasn't able to add a t-shirt size for all those kids that get a free t-shirt just for signing up. 

So, I need to know t-shirt sizes for your kids that signed up for March Madness and I also need to know if you are interested in buying a March Madness t-shirt (adult size) since I am still putting the order together and can take orders for adult sizes. 

I have already had people ask me about a March Madness t-shirt and so send me an email with your t-shirt size - do it NOW so I can put your name on the order list....please don't forget your t-shirt size. 

The t-shirts will have the design from the front of the jersey on the front with the March Madness letters above that are on the back of the jeo rsey.

Much thanks to Kristen and Dan at Ink Monkey for helping get these t-shirts done for us before the banquet on June 5th. 


The mileage log is still available to enter your miles....I haven't even finished entering mine off my Garmin so I just wanted to make sure that you knew you can still log in and log your miles electronically. 



Thanks to Steve McCaulay the photo contest gained several photos at the very last minute. I know that the slide show will be amazing this year and I hope that you all attend the banquet so that you get to see the amazing photo contest and slideshow in living color. Thanks Steve for your dedication to this part of March Madness for several years now. 


The banner is missing and the last time I saw it was at the last March Madness banquet.....anyone that knows where it might be....please contact me or Stu Bresnick so that we can fly the banner at the next DBC event. 


There will be March Madness posters made that will be available at the banquet - the posters were requested by the kids and so we are going to have some posters available for purchase at the banquet. The poster will have the MM jersey artwork on it and will be 11X17 so a smaller poster but great for your garage wall. 


The March Madness helmet fitters are in full force and with Barry Bolden leading the fitter group we have fitted more than 300 helmets at various schools in the area. Amazing efforts on this group who should all be commended for their efforts at keeping this important program going. 

Okay - please send me an email if you have any questions in regards to any of these items.


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