Cascade Stage Race July 19-24 Bend Oregon Mens 45+

Contributors: Mike Pugh

I had a pretty good race weekend all things considering with my less than full season of training, this feels like February to me as this was my first road race of the season. I had a long winter with not much cycling due to my job. That being said, I had a lot of help in this stage race

Cascade Podium
Mike Pugh, all smiles on the podium celebrating his strong finish at Cascade Stage Race

Scott Wienker and I would probably would not have finished in the top ten if not for Steve McCaw (guest help from Rocknasium) and Tim Roberts working very hard on the first day along with some Morgan/Stanley guys to chase down an early ten man break with all the heavy hitters ie...former world champ Dave Zimbelman, current Nat Champ Cale Reeder, former National Champ Roger Worthington, and Bend Oregon power house Eric Martin to name a few.  Without that effort the whole weekend would have been lost. Steve was monumental throwing down one high wattage pull after another to reel those guys in.

Ken Hill lent me his front 808 so I could give my best effort in the TT. I did and it helped.

Shawn Miller gave me a smooth and steady wheel to follow in the criterium just hours after the TT. He kept me in great position for more than half the race while my legs burned during the second effort of the day. During the circuit race Shawn closed a gap for me left by a weaker rider after a climb during a third lap surge, his effort kept my legs fresh for the finish. It helped.  I won the field sprint and almost caught one of the two riders off the front at the line.

Fred Schnarrs and Scott made sure I always had a full bottle in my cage the entire weekend which was a blessing as every feed zone was attacked. Those of you who know me know I go through a lot of water.

Thanks guys, I can't remember being taken care of any better during a stage race. I definitely felt like a Schleck or Evans during the "Tour."  I couldn't have done it without you. That's 5th overall two years in a row, so I guess I feel more like a Schleck.

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