Request for support of SB 910

Contributors: Jim Brown

We need still bicycle advocacy organizations and clubs to send letters of support for SB 910 to their Assemblymembers.

If you've already sent a letter on behalf of your organization, thank you! (If you have a moment, shoot me an email so I know which organizations has already responded.) If you haven't sent your letter, now is the time to act.

Senate Bill 910, our bill to establish 3 feet as the minimum passing distance when cars and trucks pass bicycles, will be heard in the California Assembly next week. Unlike a legislative committee hearing, this vote will not be accompanied by expert testimony. Instead, Assemblymembers themselves will be stand up to speak for the bill. We need to make sure they're informed about how SB 910 will benefit their communities. Letters of support from organizations make a big difference.

We love it if you could send your letter by the close of business tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 26. But if you need another day, Monday or Tuesday is also good.

Here's all you do: Simply follow the instructions at the bottom of this webpage, where you'll find a downloadable sample letter you'll want to customize, a directory of Assemblymembers with address, fax and email information, and simple instructions for sending a copy of your letter to SB 910's author, Sen. Alan Lowenthal.

(Why are we asking you to send a letter about a Senate bill to your Assemblymember? Because all legislation goes through both the Senate and Assembly and SB 910 has already been approved by the Senate. Now that SB 910 is set to be heard in the Assembly, we're focused on Assemblymembers.)

And if you haven't encouraged your members to send their own letters, it's not too late for that. Here's a link to the alert we sent yesterday asking individuals to send letters of support. Feel free to forward the link to your members and post it online.

If you have questions or concerns, contact me at (916) 446-7558 or You can also learn more about SB 910 at


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