Bike Rodeos - Yee Yah!

Davis Bicycles! will be sponsoring bike rodeos at the elementary schools this Spring. Volunteers are needed. Read on to find out more!

This year, there will be Bike Rodeos at Birch Lane Elementary (March 30), Pioneer (April 20), North Davis (April 27) and Willett (May 4). 

All Rodeos are on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 - 4:00. Typical attendance has been 60-75 kids. The primary goal is to encourage K-6 riders (and possibly parents this year) to ride safely.

Rider receives instructions
A rodeo rider receives course instructions from a Davis police officer.

Bike Rodeos include a bike safety inspection, helmet check, actual riding and a variety of fun activities like coloring books, reading, stickers and more. This year, we are also encouraging parents to personally participate. 

The bike safety inspection is a basic check and repair. The most important problem is tires with little or no air. We can always use more air compressors (ideally with pressure gauges).Typical problems are loose handlebars, incorrectly adjusted seats and non operative brakes. We need mechanically inclined volunteers with tools. If people want to take on advanced problems (and have tools), we can set up a damage control center.

The helmet check includes fitting and strap adjustment. We need people to do this.

Rodeo Course MarkingWe have the kids ride their bikes. Currently, it is on a simple chalk and cone marked playground course The course includes sample left, right and stop sections. There's also a slow race. Volunteers set up the course(s), direct kids, drive cardboard cars and hold stop signs. It would be great to have experienced riders willing to lead kids in small groups. An option is to offer parents a bike check, riding classes and information. It's a chance to get parents to dust off their bikes and ride. We need experienced riders willing to give lessons on actual streets and answer questions.

Cheering on a rodeo rider
A spectator avidly watches a rodeo rider maneuver along the course.

There's the fun stuff too. It includes written materials, coloring books and stickers. We expect at least 75 kids. General event assistance is welcome. So are contributions like baked goods and drinks. We're excited because the Bike Rodeos are a successful way to encourage kids to ride. They are also fun so please join us if you've got the time. Feel free to email me with suggestions, comments or questions.

Jim Watson
Davis Bicycles!

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