USBHoF Grand Fondo needs your volunteer help!

The upcoming May 6th US Bicycling Hall of Fame Legends Grand Fondo has need of your help. And there's a pretty good reward for helping, too!


The inaugural Gran Fondo sponsored by the Bicycle Hall of Fame will ride out of Central Park at 7 am on Sunday, May 6, 2012.  We all know how difficult it is to begin events like this, and we also know that the DBC Brevet is also riding on this day.  However, your support of the Gran Fondo is definitely important and will be appreciated.  

At this point we need:

Registered riders - the Medio Fondo is 63 miles and the Gran Fondo is 90.  If you have considered trying a distance event, but were a bit hesitant to register, please know that this ride will be beginner friendly.  The ride will be completely supported and there will be a lot of friendly people ready to assist and support you.  

Course Marshalls - all of the significant intersections along the route will be Marshaled for the duration of the ride.  The course was laid out so that Marshals would not need to maintain prolonged shifts, and options to Marshal for shorter times will be available.  We anticipate between 250 and 400 riders, so this will not be a long shift for anyone. There will be marshals located well out of town who will need to work in shifts. Some will be on the outskirts of Vacaville or between Winters, Davis and Vacaville. We'd like experienced flag-wavers for these!  Email to volunteer

Rest Stop Sponsor and staff - ONE of the rest stops still needs a rest stop captain and staff.  It is appropriate for this to be an organization or even a business.  Sponsors will provide the man power; the ride will provide all supplies and food.  Sponsors are invited and encouraged to 'brand' the rest stop with banners and a theme if they wish. Believe it or not, this is the rest stop closest to Davis and will need to be staffed 11 am to 3 pm.   Phone Janice Bridge 753-6802 for additional information and confirmation of your sponsorship.  

Re-Pack and Restore - Beginning at 11 am and running throughout the day, the rest stop teams will be returning to the Bicycle Hall of Fame with the supplies from the rest stops and the remainders of the foods.  6 to 8 volunteers are needed to receive the materials, repack, and restore the items.  Specific instructions will be given - and shifts of 2 to 4 hours duration are requested.   Email to volunteer for this task

Appreciation for all volunteers will be demonstrated with 

  •  your Gran Fondo T-shirt  
  •  a Box Lunch, catered by Crepeville, delivered to you at your worksite and 
  •  an invitation to the Riders Dinner at Burgers and Brew


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