Apple Pie

By Ken Hill -- Ken Hill wasn't sure about doing this race until Sam Hill and Matthew Daley decided they were going to do the Cat 5 race. Ken was able to mentor the Cat 5 race which allowed him to keep an eye on the Juniors, but also to get his legs opened up. The course was fun except super bumpy.

Ken and Karl Wurbach talked before the race and decided that if they were all together with a few laps to go, Ken would get Karl to the sprint. Ken attacked just a few laps into the race and had a Flyin' Boba go with him. They had a decent gap and went for a few laps with Ken doing 70% of the work. Vince Gee joined them and they went for another lap or 2 but then pulled the plug after about 6min. A few decent attacks went after that and at the halfway point, the Boba went again. He stayed out there for a lap when Ken bridged with Chris Black of Morgan Stanley. 

The trio built a decent gap as they worked together to build a 15 second lead. The laps wound down and with about 7 to go, the Boba wasn't pulling much and with 4 to go, Ken did a nice half lap pull and when he pulled off, the Boba attacked!! They got about a 20 bike length gap as Ken caught his breath and then TT'd back to them. 

With 2 laps to go, the Boba was doing 10 sec pulls and Chris and Ken kept hammering it out. Approaching 1 to go and it was full on track mode with Chris and the Boba sitting up. With 3/4 of a lap left, Chris went for the lead out. As they came out of the last corner Ken jumped left of Chris and the Boba went right to take the win by half a wheel.

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