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March 200k and 300k Brevets
The DBC kicks off its spring Brevet Series with 200k and 300k events in March. We hope you'll join in the fun, either as a rider or as a volunteer.
March Madness is Here
Tune up your bikes, set your mileage goals, nudge your riding buddies, and get ready knock out lots of fun miles for a good cause. Email "ride-calendar@davisbikeclub.org" if you would like to schedule and lead a March Madness ride.
New Philanthropy News
How does the DBC give back? Please read a message from Wil Uecker, the DBC Philanthropy Chair about his goals for the upcoming year.
Treasurer's Annual Report
The DBC treasurer, Marnelle Gleason, has prepared an annual report for 2014
DBC 2014 Year End Report
Read up on the DBC's income and outlay for 2014
DBC 2015 Approved Budget
Check out the planned finances for 2015
Davis Bike Club Helps Out
Wil Uecker, the DBC Philanthropy head will be profiling DBC members and their involvement in the Greater Davis community. His first profile is a timely look at the efforts of several DBC members providing tax preparation assistance.
Davis Bike Club Gives Back to the Community
Wil Uecker profiles DBC members and their volunteer contributions to Davis and surrounding areas.
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