Upcoming Events

Board meetings; Membership meetings; special events

Board Meeting
First Monday of every month at Tandem Properties
Membership Meeting
Second Monday of every month (except December) at the US Bicycling Hall of Fame
Davis Bicycles! Presentation
Rock Miller will speak on "how programs and great bicycle infrastructure bring more people out to ride", and explain the Dutch Intersection design being proposed for the East Covell Blvd corridor.
USBHOF History Symposium
As part of the 28th Annual Induction Ceremony to the US Bicycling Hall of Fame, there will be a morning Bicycle History Symposium.
USBHOF: Ride with Hall of Famers
Join several Hall of Fame inductees and local club riders for a comfortable mid-afternoon ride before the day's other activities begin.
USBHOF: 28th Annual Induction Ceremony
The 2014 US Bicycling Hall of Fame inductees are Inga Thompson, Sara Balantyne, Charles Winter, and Jerry Casale, Jr.
Woodland Community Bike Ride
A 1-hour, family-friendly casual bike ride in Woodland. Part of Woodland's Commit2Fit 30-day Fitness Challenge.
Davis Dart (Finish Celebration)
Randonneuring teams from around the Bay/Sac area will finish their 200k rides at Sudwerk. From 6:30pm on. Stories, camaraderie, cool bikes to check out.
Davis City Council: B Street Parking
The Davis City Council will take up the issue of bike lane encroachment and residential parking on B Street at their next meeting.
Women's Cycling Clinic
Robin Farina will be leading a DBC women's skills & drills clinic on Saturday, November 22. These clinics are for all women cyclists!
Holiday Party
Holiday cheer. No helmet required.
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